Citing sources

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Short post today because I don’t have a lot of time, but I wanted to quickly address something that crops up very frequently in IBLP material: the uncited source.

Here’s an example from The Amazing Way. Gothard is telling us how to have “total health” by relieving stresses. On page 58 Gothard writes about a doctor who was bitter over the death of his son and then developed cancer. This doctor was curious about the relationship between his cancer and his bitterness, so he carried out a study with twenty thousand patients. Gothard tell us that this doctor found a direct correlation between bitterness and cancer. He goes on to say that when this doctor “showed his research to the university that gave him his degree, they refused to examine it.”

Notice the complete lack of anything that would allow you to track down this doctor, this school or the study. We don’t know the doctors name, where he practiced, when he did this study, if it was ever published, which university refused to look at it (and why the refused to look at it); nothing.

We are left with Gothard essentially telling us “Somebody once did research that supports my theories.” Well, sorry to break it to you, but a vague and unknown authority carries no authority. If there is no way to find the source material and examine it ourselves, it doesn’t matter how much Gothard tells us these people agree with him.

Be on the look out for this stuff when dealing with IBLP material. Anytime you read or hear a claim about hard facts or studies without a way provided for you to look up the source material yourself, be very cautious.


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One thought on “Citing sources

  1. Your citation of Bill’s lack of citation serves as a good warning. I am very skeptical of a doctor, who is a cancer survivor, doing the legwork to interview 20,000 people and rule out everything you would need to rule out in order to make bitterness the strong correlation. This reeks of a fabrication.


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